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Quick Tips To Survive Summer Traveling

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

The sun is out and it is a great time to travel and explore new places. Summer is the time of year many look forward to! If you’re like most, it’s a great time for family vacations and other fun in the sun adventures. While traveling, there may be many uncomfortable hours spent in transit in cars, planes or boats.  

Sitting for extended periods of time can result in tension in your muscles. We understand your excitement to get to your destination and will break down some quick tips to survive summer traveling. These will help you reduce travel discomfort so you are able to enjoy your summer getaway.

Maintain Good Posture

Crowded airports and small travel spaces don’t always lead to the most pleasant travel experience. They can often be stressful, cramped and uncomfortable. When traveling in these conditions an important thing to remember is to maintain good posture while sitting or standing. This means standing straight with your shoulders back and sitting tall. When sitting, it may be helpful to use pillows or rolled up blankets as additional support. Maintaining good posture throughout your voyage will help provide extra support to your spine. This makes extended periods of sitting more comfortable and will help avoid aching pain once you arrive.

Watch Your Travel Weight

Depending on the duration of your trip, your suitcase may weigh 50 pounds or more! Instead of traveling with large arm strap duffel bags, try investing in a suitcase with wheels. Another good tip is to consider a backpack. This can help distribute the weight of your items more evenly and minimize the amount of stress on your back. If you carry heavier bags on board a plane, ask for assistance when it comes to placing them in the overhead bins.

Take breaks for Movement

When you’re sitting for long periods of time, your feet or arms can get numb or fall asleep. For any trip over a couple of hours, it’s a good idea to take breaks to walk and stretch. This will relieve some of the stress on your back. It will also get your blood circulating to your extremities and help reduce swelling in your legs and feet. Doing simple stretches can help prevent extra pressure from building up in your blood vessels. Even if this slows down your travel, you will thank yourself when you reach your destination.

Are you getting ready for your next trip? Contact us today to schedule a chiropractic session with Dr. Susan Knight. Here, you can discuss your upcoming travel and alignment needs to ensure you’re able to enjoy your Summer getaway to the max!

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