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Welcome to the New Patient Center

Our goal is for you to have an enjoyable and stress free environment each and every time you visit our office.  To keep things relaxing, this section will offer you knowledge as to what to expect and give you tools to prepare yourself, while in the comfort of your home or office.  Please come to the office 15 minutes prior to your Initial visit to do paperwork.  If you have a convenient printer, please click and print the Registration Forms below: 


A consultation will be conducted with Dr. Knight-Nanni to discuss your current symptoms, health issues, health goals, pinpoint correlating past damage/trauma and to help determine the cause of your current health issues. You will be asked to clarify symptoms, give details about your condition, explain contributing factors and comment on your lifestyle &  health history. This important information will help the doctor determine if chiropractic care is right for you. If Chiropractic is indicated, detailed treatment options will be discussed. If chiropractic care is not the answer we can help refer you to another doctor. As always, nothing will be done without your consent.

Physical Exam

A comprehensive Chiropractic Evaluation including Orthopedic tests and Neurological tests will be performed to further determine the exact root cause of any dysfunction or disease creating the current health problems within your body.

Your examination will include: 

  • Range of Motion Tests – Bending forward, sideways, or backwards – Misaligned spinal vertebrae can be revealed during this exercise. Tight muscles and postural abnormalities can also be identified.

  • Perform Specific Orthopedic Tests to determine the exact components involved in your health problems.

  • Perform Specific Neurologic Tests to determine evaluate the integrity of your nervous system.  We will look for sensory impairment, muscular tone, strength or weakness patterns and bilateral reflex comparison.

  • Gait Analysis – Evaluating your gait helps to determine if you have a normal walking pattern. Abnormalities in the balance and alignment within your ankles, knees, pelvis and spine can be seen during this assessment.

  • Postural Evaluation – Posture abnormalities will reveal whether or not you have misalignments and unwanted stresses within the spinal column.

  • Motion and Static Palpation – We will explore the alignment of your spine and other structures, and evaluate for referring pain or discomfort.  

Review of Findings

After all the information including exams, forms, and x-rays (if needed) are complete. The doctor will review with you the details of her findings and explain the treatment that is right for you. Additional diagnostic testing will be referred for if it is determined to be necessary. Here Dr. Susan Knight-Nanni will provide you with a clear vision of what to expect while being treated. She will explain how many visits she feels you will need to get out of pain and what you will need to do in order to maintain the results you gain. The goal is to help you avoid a reoccurring injury through proper rehabilitation protocols.  


Most patients will get relief from the very first adjustment! Dr. Susan Knight-Nanni lets patients know to expect some muscle soreness comparable to a fitness workout, but overall the stiffness and painful range of motion you experience will greatly reduce. Chiropractic adjustments are gentle enough for kids all the way up to elders. Athletes love the restored motion and function it gives them when competing. With Dr. Susan Knight-Nanni you can expect to know each step before it happens and for the approach to be tailored to your comfort level. We are going to get the best results if you feel comfortable and relaxed while being treated.

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