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Put our expertise to work for you. At Knight Family Chiropractic, you can expect to receive dedicated attention to your concerns and results that you can depend on.  We will teach you how to keep your alignments longer and enjoying the activities you want to do without pain interfering.  

~Thank You!

I have had horrible pain in my hip and numbness in my leg for awhile, unable to bend over without severe pain, and I was scared to go to see anyone because I did not want pills or surgery. I finally had enough of the pain and found Dr. Knight online. Since my first appointment, I have had diminishing pain without pills, my numbness is progressively better, and I have been given knowledge of what the issue is. Thank You Dr. Susan, you have helped my life to get better.


Dr Knight-Nanni is very professional with a caring attitude for her patients. When I first started going to her I was on a quad cane for ambulation assistance due to my severe psoriatic arthritis. After frequent visits initially 3 times per week I now see her every 3 weeks or so. I do not need my quad cane all the time to ambulate. She listens to you and designs a treatment plan specifically for you.


Dr. Susan is such a knowledgeable practitioner and she has been very caring and responsive to my needs as a patient. I have been receiving chiropractic care for over ten years and my family and I recently moved to the area. It was a concern for me that I wouldn't be able to find chiropractic care at a level I am used to. I am pleased to say that my experiences with Dr Susan have been the best I've had so far. I am so grateful to have found Knight Family Chiropractic.


I love Dr Susan....she does a great job helping me stay in shape! The new Spring Hill office is beautiful...very tastefully decorated and if the Talavera pottery on top of the display should suddenly disappear, she knows where to look for it!


Dr. Knight-Nanni has truly been a miracle in my life... I came to her office only a few months ago because my left hand was losing sensation. As a massage therapist, it was more than an inconvenience. My neck and upper back were a also very tight and I have been struggling with this pain for over three years as well as chronic TMJD. I was amazed by how incredible I started to feel after only a few adjustments. As a result of the amazing care I was given, I regained all sensation in my hand as well as regained flexibility and better range of motion throughout my entire body. I have more energy now than I did before now that my pain has been relieved. I stand taller and straighter and have more confidence than before. My quality of life has drastically improved. Dr. Knight-Nanni has such a warm and radiant personality also. By nature she puts people at ease. I feel so blessed to have met her.


First off... Dr.Susan Knight-Nanni is EVERYTHING a Doctor should be. Communicative, Honest, Compassionate and Effective. I have a very demanding physical job and had been injured almost a year prior (I was thrown into a railing), causing me to go home almost everyday hurting, unable to sleep well and constantly taking Aleve. After my first adjustment, I felt instant results. She took the time to ease me into my treatments, helping them be more effective. Within a week, I was sleeping better at night and decreased my need for pain relievers drastically.I have been seeing Dr. Knight-Nanni for over a year and I am able to come in as needed now. My daily battle with pain is in the past and that is something I will always be thankful for and the reason Dr. Susan Knight-Nanni is my Chiropractor.


Dr. Susan has helped my body to stay as aligned as possible while carrying my second child. I'm due any day now and haven't had back issues this pregnancy. My baby is head down and has dropped, and I am very thankful he/she isn't breech. I think regular chiro visits have greatly helped. I recommend Dr. Susan to any of my friends in the Spring Hill area--especially women who want someone they feel comfortable with. She has been very accommodating these last several months!


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