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Preventing Pain and Numbness While Cycling

Cycling is a terrific all-over body workout but unfortunately can also cause riders pain and numbness in the hands.

You may not expect the type of discomfort that many usually associate with a repetitive hand motion, like typing. But everything from the handlebar grip to your body position while riding can ultimately affect your hands.

If you experience pain and numbness in your hands while riding your bike, take a look at these suggestions for ways to prevent it.

Make sure your bike is suited for your body.

You need a bicycle that’s professionally fitted to your body. The height and position of the seat and handlebars can make a difference when it comes to comfort for your hands.

Loosen your grip on the handlebars and relax your upper body.

A tight grip on the handlebars or a tense neck and shoulders can all contribute to pain and numbness while riding. Remember to maintain good posture while also staying relaxed.

Change positions.

Don’t keep your hands in one spot for the duration of a ride, and don’t stay glued to the seat. Your arms should be slightly bent at the elbow and relaxed. Change hand positions on the handlebars and periodically stretch your hands. Standing up on the pedals will take the pressure off the arms and hands and help prevent pain and numbness.

Wear gloves and wrap your handlebars in tape.

Many riders swear by the benefits of comfort that gel-padded gloves provide. They also keep your hands warmer in cold weather, which helps with blood flow. Wrapping (or double-wrapping) your handlebars in tape offers a cushion from the road vibration for your hands, which helps prevent pain and numbness.

Get regular chiropractic care.

A regular chiropractic adjustment routine helps with pain and numbness from cycling in two ways: 1. Scheduled adjustments keep your nervous system healthy, which helps prevent pain and injury, and 2. If you do experience numbness in the hands from cycling, a chiropractic adjustment can help re-align your body and alleviate the discomfort.

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