• Dr. Susan Knight-Nanni

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

The transition to motherhood is incredible. However, as your body grows and changes, excess stress is placed on your spine and joints, jeopardizing your comfort and health. To prevent this from happening, regular chiropractic adjustments are needed to ensure that misalignments in your spine and joints are identified and resolved.

Let’s explore the benefits of chiropractic care for pregnancy, below.

1. Pain Alleviation

A protruding abdomen, curved lower back, extended and tilted head and neck, tilted pelvis, and hyperextended knees and upper back are common changes during pregnancy. Unfortunately, the pressure caused by these physical changes results in pain in your neck, down your back, and to your feet. To alleviate this pain, chiropractic adjustments are required to realign your spine and joints, minimizing pain and increasing comfort.

2. Minimized Nausea

Not only does nausea wreak havoc on your body, it is extremely inconvenient when performing daily tasks. One of the potential benefits of chiropractic care is reduced nausea symptoms, which can increase your comfort level during your 9-month journey.

3. Ease of Delivery

One of the biggest fears of expectant mothers is a long and painful labor. This fear is valid considering that a misaligned pelvis can lead to intrauterine constraint, which reduces the amount of room your baby has to develop. There is also greater risk of a difficult birth, including breeched deliveries and C-sections. Thankfully, chiropractic care can restore pelvic balance, giving your baby room to grow, while reducing the time and increasing the ease of labor and delivery.

4. Reduced Chances of Post-Partum Depression

It is reported that between 11-20% of new mothers will suffer from post-partum depression, though it is believed that many more cases go unreported. The causes of post-partum depression are varied, including high rates of poverty, lack of social support, mental health issues and difficult and painful births. Chiropractic care can reduce incidences of post-partum depression, by ensuring that your body heals and recovers after delivery.

5. Balanced Posture

As your body changes to accommodate your growing baby, your posture will change as well. Poor posture is a source of pain and discomfort, which can be remedied with precise chiropractic adjustments.

At Knight Family Chiropractic, Dr. Susan’s goal is to support you during this amazing transition from pregnancy to motherhood. Book your chiropractic appointment today, and experience gentle and tailored adjustments, for a healthier and happier pregnancy.



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