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Back Pain and Chiropractic

Do you suffer from back pain? You’re not alone. Approximately 85% of people will develop back pain at some point in their life. In fact, back pain is the 2nd most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office, outnumbered only by upper-respiratory infections.

Over 200 research studies have shown that the care provided by today’s doctors of chiropractic is very successful in the vast majority of back pain patients. Regular chiropractic adjustments can dramatically reduce your back pain and improve your overall health.

  • Maintain a healthy diet and weight.

  • Remain active—under the supervision of your doctor of chiropractic.

  • Avoid prolonged inactivity or bed rest.

  • Warm up or stretch before exercising or other physical activities, such as gardening.

  • Maintain proper posture.

  • Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes.

  • Sleep on a mattress of medium firmness to minimize any curve in your spine.

  • Lift with your knees, keep the object close to your body, and do not twist when lifting.

  • Quit smoking. Smoking impairs blood flow, resulting in oxygen and nutrient deprivation to spinal tissues.

  • Work with your doctor of chiropractic to ensure that your workstation is ergonomically correct.

Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits of chiropractic care for treating back pain:

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