• Dr. Susan Knight-Nanni

5 Tips for Healthy Aging

It happens to us all. Whether you are 18 or 85, we’re all aging. Each day brings us closer to the next birthday.

When we consider aging, most of us think of declining health, mobility, and mental acuity. But aging doesn’t have to decimate all our faculties. In fact, aging can and should be a graceful process, offering quality of life for many decades.

Here’s a list of several good habits you can establish now—no matter your age—that will ensure your own healthy aging.

  • Chiropractic care is an important component in ensuring healthy aging. Combined with exercise and nutrition, routine chiropractic adjustments can help you avoid and overcome pain and mobility issues as you age.

  • Having a positive attitude goes a long way in keeping you healthy, as you grow older. Research has shown that positive emotions actually affect physical health, including strengthening the immune system.

  • Avoiding stress is another important factor for longevity. Adopting exercise and meditation and maintaining healthy relationships are all helpful for stress relief.

  • Don’t stop learning and growing! Stimulating your mind with new hobbies, travel, volunteer activities, second careers, and classes is an excellent way to stay sharp.

  • Diet is always vital to keeping your mind and body well. Make sure you eat whole, natural foods and avoid overly processed foods.

September is Healthy Aging Month. Now is the time to take stock of your health and evaluate how you are aging. In what areas do you need a tune-up? What new habits do you need to adopt so that your next decade is healthier than your last? What old habits do you need to ditch once and for all?

I’d love to help you make that shift to healthier living. Contact us today to learn more!

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