• Dr. Susan Knight-Nanni

Texting and Chiropractic

The need for chiropractic care has significantly increased with advances in technology, and the reality that the public at large is constantly “connected”. Over the last couple of years I’ve noticed more and more young people coming to my office with similar complaints. They all had neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, or numbness and tingling into the upper extremity. The history reported to me was one of constant looking down during school and while texting. Most of them reporting that texting is the primary mode of communication. One report showed that young people from ages 8-18 years of age spend in excess of 7 hours a day using some form of mobile media. As a result, the curvature of the neck begins to reverse, creating degenerative changes to occur much too early. The major issue that can result from this improper posture is the flattening or reversal of the normal neck curve, resulting in disc compression, damage and early degeneration. So what can you do?

Spend less time on your mobile devices and when possible don’t look down to use them, hold them at eye level. Make sure you are stretching the neck and the chest to offset the tightness that is occurring from poor posture. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day; this will increase flexibility and strength. Getting regular adjustments for you and your children will reduce the strain on the spine and avoid scoliosis and early signs of degeneration. Reducing the time spent on phones and technology has been documented to help AVOID overstimulation, stress, sleep disorders, attention deficit disorders, and learning deficits. We all should commit to changing our habits for the good of our bodies, our minds and the future total negative impact on us and our children.

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