• Dr. Susan Knight-Nanni

10 Ways to Keep Healthy During the Holidays

Nothing ruins the holiday season quite like getting sick! In effort avoid this, here are 10 tips for staying health during the holiday season.

1. Grab your Skates and have some Winter Fun

Cold weather and icy streets are not an excuse to stop exercising. Maintain at least 30 minutes of intense exercise 5 times a week to keep your immune system strong, your heart vigorous, and your muscles limber.

2. Don’t Over Indulge in Holiday Treats

The holidays are full of delicious temptations; roasts, gravy, and sugary cookies and cakes. However, you should limit foods that are high in calories, and focus on nutritious options such as veggies and fruits. Also, eat several small meals instead of stuffing yourself at the dinner table, and cut down on alcohol intake.

3. Know your Stress, Manage it

Holidays are stressful. There’s lots of planning, loads of shopping, and a full house. Know what your stress points are; over spending, cooking, your family, and then plan on how you can manage these stressors. Don’t let the stress overwhelm you, meditate, read, get a massage, exercise, or talk it out with someone you trust.

4. Get 8 Hours of Sleep

With everything that needs to be done, getting your recommended amount of sleep might seem impossible. However, it is essential for you to prioritize sleep, as it gives your body and mind time to rest and refresh.

5. Fight off the Germs

Tis’ the season of colds and flu’s. If you’re hanging out in public places, make sure that you wash your hands often with soap and water. Always wash your hands before you eat, and carry disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer with you at all times.

6. Water is Life

Staying hydrated keeps illnesses away. Carry a bottle of water with you, and drink throughout the day.

7. Layers, Layers, Layers

If you plan on venturing outside, don’t forget to wear gloves, layers of clothing, heavy socks, waterproof boots, hats, and scarves. Avoiding the chill is essential.

8. Get your Shots

No one wants to get sick during the holidays. Get your flu vaccination each year to protect you from catching a flu during this season.

9. Food Safety is Crucial

With all the food preparation taking place, cross contamination is a huge threat. Keep raw meat away from cooked foods, and clean your surfaces as you cook. Also ensure proper cooking temperatures to keep your food safe and refrigerate once done eating.

10. Have a Merry Time

Holiday blues are real. Avoid them by surrounding yourself with good company, helping someone out, singing carols, and catching that little bit of sunshine that manages to shine through.

Be prepared this holiday season. Follow the tips above to stay healthy and happy throughout. Happy holidays from Knight Family Chiropractic!


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