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Eat Your Way To Less Pain


Inflammation is one of the biggest sources of pain. If we control inflammation, we control pain! In the article “A must-know guide to fight inflammation” by Dr. Georgene Collins, he suggests different food choices to combat inflammation.

Making changes to your diet even for a period of ten days could catapult you to better health. Think about it…If we decrease inflammation, we decrease pain and from there we create the ability to be healthy. You will have more energy, feel less pain with activity, and therefore will be more ambitious to increase activity. When you increase activity, it can take off excess weight that causes chronic inflammation in your body, increase joint lubrication to help arthritis, and increase mood elevating endorphin release. Having a Chiropractic adjustment prior to starting increased physical activity will also help your body get the most out of your workout. Learn more at the linked article and please inspire yourself to make different food choices for just ten days and see if you too can get ahead of your chronic inflammation.

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