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Take the 30-day Plank Challenge

Improve your core body strength and tone up those abs with this great easy to follow 30 day plank workout challenge chart, which will have you feeling great! 


With this 1 exercise 30 day plank workout challenge you do not need any specialist equipment and you can complete this workout challenge at home or at the gym. My mother is the biggest inspiration when it comes to planks and removing pain from her life. My mom has degenerative disc disease in her neck and lower back and for years has been searching for something she could do to stay aligned and rid herself of pain with strength. Normal weight training was painful and constantly set her back in to a furry. 


At 70 years of age she faithfully does these two planks daily before getting out of bed each day. In the beginning she could only hold it for 10 seconds and now she is doing a minute hold and repeating each one 5 times. This one exercise is a whole body workout and progressively you move at your own pace by increasing the time you hold the exercise. 

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