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Cold Season and Chiropractic

Beware: Cold Season is Back!

Here are some Natural defenses to prevent sickness or conquer one fast. 

  •  Before a cold comes on consider these three supplements to take during “Cold Season” to strengthen your immunity: Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Probiotics. These are the basic three you should have that should generally be safe for most people.


  •  At the first sign of a cold consider moderate dosing of the following natural supplements to kick the cold before it kicks you: Black Elderberry, Echinacea, Quercetin, Turmeric, Zinc, and Cordyceps, just to name a few options.


  •  Wash your hands often and keep your hands away from your mouth, eyes & nose to avoid contamination.​​


Chiropractic Care Spring Hill
  •  Aerobic exercise regularly will speed up the heart to pump larger quantities of blood; makes you breathe faster to help transfer oxygen from your lungs to your blood; and makes you sweat once your body heats up. These exercises help increase the body's natural virus-killing cells.


  •  Turn off the TV and Increase your sleep even by an extra 30 minutes to nurture your body, allowing for at least 6-8 hours per night. Less TV at night will allow for better sleep because your body needs darkness to produce Melatonin, the bodies sleep hormone.  


  •  Consider Essential Oils for treating colds instead of medicine at first. If the problem persists than seek out medical intervention. Click here for one of my favorite sites for advice on any condition and any essential oil.


  •  Lastly and Most Important ~ GET ADJUSTED!!!! I stimulate the nervous system of all my patients daily. When I adjust you and remove misalignments in the spine, I am also eliminating interference in the body’s nervous system. Your body’s immune function increases automatically because your body is no longer busy doing something else anymore.

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