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Football Success through Chiropractic Care


One of the greatest wide receivers in the NFL is telling how he managed to withstand all those truly “vicious” hits he took. “Chiropractic Care was the key to keeping me in the game,” says Jerry Rice, of the San Francisco 49ers.

In a recent video, Jerry Rice shares the many ways that Chiropractic Care has positively impacted his life and career. All but one of the 32 NFL teams utilizes the expertise of a Chiropractor to keep their athletes in the game and performing at their best.

Even when Jerry Rice was performing on the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”, he was frequently utilizing his Chiropractor due to long hours with grueling, repetitive moves and lifts. Chiropractic Care can benefit ordinary people just as much as a professional athlete.

Often my patients have repetitive jobs, sit too long with travel, lift a baby for hours a day, and don’t sleep well because of stress and pain. Whatever your issue may be, Chiropractic Care can help get your health back on track and stay there. Is it time for you or someone you love to give Chiropractic a try? You have nothing to lose but freedom from pain and a healthier, more balanced life.

If you’ve experienced the incredible relief and health benefits from Chiropractic Care, please share this blog post with someone that you love and encourage them to take the next step in improving their health for a brighter future.

Best in Health,

Dr. Susan Knight-Nanni


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